Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Personality as a Predictor in Behavioral Activities - PT II

Two personality traits employer can assess are emotional stability and locus of control. Emotional stability and locus of control are essential and relevant for safety climate in the workplace (Beus, Munoz, & Arthur, 2015). Emotionally stable individuals can remain calm when under pressure in case something occurs in the workplace. Emotionally unstable individuals may be more prone to view the workplace environment as unsafe and a threat (Beus, Munoz, & Arthur, 2015). Individuals with a high locus of control have the capability to understand their surroundings and personally take control knowing that change must come from within themselves. Individuals with low locus of control believe external events control their surroundings and they believe others have control over their surroundings especially in the workplace (Beus, Munoz, & Arthur, 2015). Employers should test for these personality traits by using job relevance assessment tools within their selection processes. For example, 10-20 item personality assessments can be used to measure the levels of emotional stability and locus of control. Understanding these two personality traits is a method of proactivity for organizations to utilize when designing a job for psychological health and safety.

Beus, J. M., Muñoz, G. J., & Arthur, W. (2015). Personality as a multilevel predictor of climate:
An examination in the domain of workplace safety. Group & Organization Management 
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